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Roll & Roll Combo 30 pieces

Placer Real Roll, Soul Roll, Feel roll, Salmon Geishas, Futurama² Roll, Sweet Roll, SPF Roll

Miami Combo 15/30 pieces

Merken Roll, Huancaína Roll, Tiger Roll, Super Hot Roll, Tex Mex Roll and Niguiri Anticuchero

SushiClub Combo 15/30/45 pieces

Buenos Aires Roll, Placer Real Roll, Feel Roll, Honey Roll, Philadelphia Roll, Salmon Niguiri and Salmon Sashimi

On Fire Combo 15/30 pieces

Siwichi Roll, SC Evolution Roll, Boom!, Ceviche Roll, Spicy Roll


Niguiri Anticuchero $10

Flamed salmon spiced with “anticucho” sauce, served with lemon emulsion, “cancha” corn and radish sheets on morsel of rice.

Thunnus Roll $9

Stuffed with tuna tenderloin, cream cheese and negui, topped with slices of avocado and served with spicy tomato sauce.

Tex Mex Roll $9

Stuffed with sealed prawns, cream cheese and mango, topped with flavored tortilla chips, avocado foam and rocoto jam.

Red Queen Roll $9

Stuffed with seared red tuna, katsuobushi and mango, served with chipotle sauce, peanut praline and sesam.

Siwichi Roll $8

Stuffed with prawn, glazed sweet potato and avocado, breaded with panko, then bathed with spicy tiger’s milk sauce and topped with red tuna tartar.

Philadelphia Geishas $6

Salmon and avocado, wrapped in cream cheese, served with maracuyá sauce and sweet potato chips.

Sunset Roll $9

Hearts of palm filling, vinegar cucumber, sautéed peppers, cream cheese with cilantro, then covered with foil avocado and carrot emulsion with yellow curry.


Avocado Roll $9

Stuffed with tempura prawns and crunchy cereals with spicy sauce, wrapped in avocado with rocoto jam.

Tiger Roll $9

Stuffed with breaded prawns, avocado covered with salmon, crispy sweet potatoes and dipped in spicy tiger’s milk sauce.

Buenos Aires Roll $9

Stuffed with salmon, shrimp, avocado and cream cheese, topped with salmon and sesame.

Camembert Roll $9

Sun dried tomatoes stuffed with spinach, avocado and caramelized red onion, half covered with camembert cheese and flamed accompanied with crispy potato chip and mango salsa.

Huancaína Roll $9

Stuffed with shrimp and avocado, topped with salmon, bathed in huancaína sauce, sesame, coriander and crispy sweet potato.

Merken Roll $9

Stuffed with smoked salmon and avocado, salmon tataki coated and seasoned with merken, topped with spicy sauce and fried corn.

Super Hot Roll $9

Citrus marinated salmon, topped with pineapple and bathed with chives, served with lemony mayonnaise rinds and whitefish.

Without Nori (Without Rice)

Citrus Roll $8

Stuffed with breaded shrimp, cream cheese and spicy lime zest, wrapped in tamago, topped with mango sauce and crispy sweet potato.

Placer Real $9

Stuffed with tamago sheets, avocado, hearts of palm and cream cheese, wrapped in salmon and dipped in passion fruit and sweet potato crispy sauce.

Soul Roll $8

Stuffed with hearts of palm, thin salmon and tamago sheets, wrapped in a cream cheese sheet and caramelized almond coating.

Feel Roll $8

Stuffed with salmon, cream cheese, negui and kampio, wrapped in tamago.

Geisha (Without Rice)

Shrimp Geisha $3

Stuffed with salmon, semi-wrapped in salmon bathed with spicy tiger milk, spicy mango sauce and lime and topped with pineapple sauce.

Salmon Geisha $6

Cream cheese and avocado, wrapped with salmon.

Red Tuna Geisha $6

Cream cheese and avocado, wrapped with red tuna.

Smoked Salmon Geisha $6

Cream cheese and avocado, wrapped with smoked salmon.

Hot Stuffing

SC Evolution Roll $4

Stuffed with salmon, avocado, cream cheese, negui and wrapped with salmon, breaded with panko and fried, served with pineapple sauce.

Boom! $6

Thin slices of salmon, cream cheese flavored, covered in tempura dough.

Ceviche Roll $4

Stuffed with salmon, white fish, scallops, and vegetables marinated in citrus, wrapped with salmon, panko and avocado foam.

Spicy Roll (Without Rice)$8

Stuffed with shrimps and flavored cream cheese, wrapped in nori and thin white fish slices, with panko and mango sauce.

Cooked Stuffing

Futurama² Roll $

Stuffed with breaded fried shrimp, flavored cream cheese, breaded with panko and honey-mustard sauce.

Honey Roll $9

Ginger honey-cooked salmon, wrapped with sweet potato noodles.

Sweet Roll $9

Stuffed with tempura-fried shrimp, tamago, avocado and flavored cream cheese, coriander, wrapped in salmon and covered with mango sauce.

Ebi Tempura Roll $8

Stuffed with tempura shrimp and crispy sweet potato, coated with guacamole.


Philadelphia Roll $9

Stuffed with cream cheese, salmon and sesame coating.

SPF Roll $9

Stuffed with salmon, avocado, cream cheese and sesame coating.


Red Tuna Sashimi $5

Thin red tuna slices.

Octopus Sashimi $5

Thin octopus slices.

Smoked Salmon Sashimi $6

Thin smoked salmon slices.

Salmon Sashimi $5

Thin salmon slices.


Salmon Nigiri $6

Thin salmon slices over rice tidbits.

Red Tuna Nigiri $6

Thin red tuna slices over rice tidbits.

Octopus Nigiri $6

Thin octopus slices over rice tidbits.

Smoked Salmon Nigiri $6

Thin smoked salmon slices over rice tidbits.


Salmon Temaki

Nori stuffed cone.

Shrimp Temaki

Nori stuffed cone.


Crispy Prawns $3

Shredded sweet potato with cucumber pickles and spicy tomato sauce.

Gyosas $5

Pork and akusay gyosas with cucumber pickles, citrus dressing and negui.

Tiradito Passion

Shredded sweet potato with cucumber pickles and spicy tomato sauce.

Spring Rolls $3

Stuffed with beef and chives, carrot pickles, white cabbage and bittersweet sauce.

Cubic $4

Morsel of salmon spiced with katsuobushi and merken, breaded with panko, wrapped in salmon, topped with shrimp tartare, on ponzu sauce.

Crunchy Prawns $3

Marinated prawn in soy sauce and sesame oil, breaded with panko, coconut and toasted sunflower seeds, served with mayonnaise and lime.

Pinchos Anticucheros

Prawns and sashimis of grilled octopus with anticuchera sauce, served with huancaína sauce.


Salmon Teriyaki

Salmon glazed with teriyaki sauce, served with rice and grilled vegetables.

Seabass & Shrimp Wok

Served with vegetables, rice and cream of oysters.

Vegetable & Rice Wok

Served in oyster sauce and soy sauce.

Chaufa de Langostinos

Peruvian style rice with vegetables, soy sauce and sesame, served with sealed prawn in marinated nikkei and topped with red onion and coriander.

Calamari & Curry Wok

Vermicelli noodles, handmade curry with Thai spices, coconut milk, served with vegetables, peanuts and sautéed calamari.

Lomo Saltado

Vermicelli noodles, tenderloin beef, vegetables, soy sauce, ginger, served with fresh coriander.



Served with strawberry, raspberry, cranberry marmalade and orange.

Lust For Chocolate

Chocolate mousse, with chantilly cream, strawberry and almond dentelle.

Chocolate Lover’s Sampler

  • Bitter chocolate cream with red fruits and yogurt sauce
  • Milk chocolate truffle with chocolate ganache and coffee cream
  • White chocolate mousse with passion fruit confiture and granite
  • Chocolate ice cream with caramelized rice and dulce de leche frost

Dulce de Leche Cheesecake

Oreo cookies base, served with fresh strawberries and stuffed churros.

Créme Brûlée

Vanilla crust served with raisins, grapes, biscuits and walnuts, stuffed with lime curd.